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Kevin Lee
Chief Video Essayist and Founding Editor at Fandor
From Chicago, Illinois, United States
35-44 years old
"King of the Video Essays." - New York Times "One of the brightest film critics working today." - Roger Ebert "Kevin B. Lee is undoubtedly the most prominent representative of the ever-burgeoning group of video essayists." - UCLA Mediascape I helped to pioneer the field of video essays, known in academia as videographic film studies. Starting in 2007 I have produced over 300 video essays, mostly for Fandor, where I have been Chief Video Essayist since 2010. I am now also teaching university students in producing video essays as they are rapidly becoming a more widespread form of academic scholarship. I am actively involved in tracing the ongoing evolution of this form as it spreads through the channels of popular media culture, academia, and moving image art.
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