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Caleb Garling
At home when I'm not.
Writer at The San Francisco Chronicle
From San Francisco Bay Area
30 years old
I am a revenue team leader with sales, demand generation, and inbound marketing experience in B2B organizations. I work at the nexus of technology, sales, and marketing to deliver revenue for my organizations.

My experience includes working with technology and media firms to develop demand generation systems and programs. As a marketing automation consultant, I have worked with several media and technology firms to launch Marketo or to use it more effectively.

I launched the Economist Intelligence Unit's Marketo-Salesforce automation system including lead scoring, nurturing, email reputation, and workflows to improve sales funnel performance. And I've helped a dozen other firms build demand generation infrastructure and program content.

I also  help organizations use the Golden Rule to improve customer service, create new services, and delight clients. Visit my blog,
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