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Chris Chabot
Distilling fact from the vapors of nuance
Head of International Developer Relations at Twitter
Located in San Francisco, CA, USA

Chris has been a driving force of the social web for as long as it's been been around.

First as a lead engineer on- & evangelist for OpenSocial where he drove the open standard process and was the lead author for the reference implementation, then as Developer Advocate for Google on open web standards, helping OAuth and OpenID become the standards that the following web APIs formed around, and as founding member of the Google+ project where he helped redefined how Google deals with identity and social interactions; Founder and CEO of a startup photography marketplace, Snapsation, and now as lead of the International Developer Relations team at Twitter; He's always had a passion for creating meaningful connections between people through technology and driving change through innovation.

Chris has decades of experience working with startups, developer platforms, APIs, founding companies, mentoring startups in the consumer and social space, evangelism, marketing, engineering and building and scaling out successful teams.

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