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Dave Delaney
Digital Marketing Consultant. Author of New Business Networking. Keynote Speaker.
Founder and CEO at Delaney Digital Marketing Consulting
Located in North Capitol, Nashville, TN, USA
40 years old

Dave Delaney is a recognized leader, consultant and keynote speaker on digital marketing, social media strategy, and business networking. His book, New Business Networking, is available from Pearson Publishing.

Since moving to Nashville, TN in 2007, Dave has co-founded two annual unconferences, PodCamp and BarCamp Nashville. He has also launched two monthly networking events, Nashcocktail and Geek Breakfast. The latter now has chapters across the US, Canada, South Africa, and Australia.

In July 2012, Delaney was selected by Billboard Magazine as a digital marketing expert to follow. In May 2012, Delaney was featured by the Nashville Business Journal as a Power Leader of Technology in Nashville, TN. In 2011, Dave was awarded the prestigious Digital Media Champion AIM Award by the American Marketing Association in Nashville. In 2009, he was nominated for Nashville’s blogger of the year by the Nashville Technology Council.

Dave has appeared in technology stories in USA Today, Billboard Magazine, Globe & Mail, Nashville Business Journal, The Tennessean and Mashable.

Delaney frequently speaks at private events, functions, trade shows, and conferences. Engagements include South by Southwest Interactive, BOLO Conference, Keen Digital Summit, PodCamp Toronto, BarCamp and PodCamp Nashville, Social Media Club Nashville, American Marketing Association Nashville, Interlogix Partners Conference, Killer Tribes, Explore Nashville, Techville, and more. Here's what they say.

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