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Jesse Proudman
Getting things done since 1997.
Founder and CEO at Blue Box Group
Located in Seattle, WA, USA
Born in New York and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Jesse Proudman began his business career from an early age. At 13, he was designing websites for local businesses. Hosting was a natural extension of the web design business, and from that, a long term career was created. With the business relations that he had developed across the country, Jesse continued to work in this field through his days at The University of Puget Sound in Tacoma. It was in Tacoma that his current company, Blue Box Group, began. In 2003, Jesse saw the explosive potential for a solutions oriented managed hosting business. Adding these services to his business, Blue Box Group experienced substantial growth as the Ruby on Rails framework became popular with developers. By 2007, his UPS graduation year, Jesse had been able to grow Blue Box to a sizable business with a nationwide customer base. Blue Box has grown to 11 staff members supporting more than 500 customers. In September 2009, Jesse announced the relocation of Blue Box Group’s offices from Tacoma to Seattle. Jesse now lives in Seattle and was recently married. At 25 years of age, he’s been interviewed by The Seattle Times, The Tacoma News Tribune, and TechFlash
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