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Jill Rowley
Modern Marketing Expert. Social Selling & Social Business Evangelist.
Founder & Chief Evangelist at #SocialSelling
From San Francisco Bay Area
After 6 years in Management consulting and 52 quarters in software sales, I designed, deployed, and drove Global adoption of of a Social Selling program.  I'm in the process of launching my own company #SocialSelling and #Modern Marketing Evangelism & Enablement: keynote speeches, workshops and projects.  The culture is #CustomerObsessed #EmployeeObsessed #PartnerObsessed.

I'm passionate about Culture, Customers, Content, Connections & Cocktails. 

My core value system is Give-to-Give versus Give-to-Get. 

The ABCs of Social Selling = Always Be Connecting..... & Curating Content

Be your authentic self. There's no substitute for trust. 

Passionate about elevating the profession of Sales. Determined to inspire more Colleges and Universities to offer Professional Selling curriculum and degrees. 

#LoveHashtags #MultiTasker
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