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Lee-anne Knight
Located in London, England, United Kingdom
I am an all round professional with a strong strategy /customer engagement background, complemented by experience in leading complex digital transformation programs, adoption of new technology, change management, redefinition of business and operating models and launch of innovative services.and has deep experience in the Financial Services, Retail, Consumer Goods and High Tech industry. With over 25 years of business experience I am passionate about innovation, and helping people and company’s to think differently I mentor and coach several people both within and outside of Salesforce and spend my foundation time focused on STEM/Women in technology causes. Experience include: . Creation and delivery of large scale, multi-million dollar, ‘C’ level sponsored, transformation programs across multiple industries. . 18+ years of CRM domain expertise, with singular focus on delivering customer impacting programs of work. . Building and leading large, multi-disciplined teams to deliver significant organisational impact. . Practice Lead for the ANZ Salesforce Southern Region Services practice, responsible for selling innovative solutions and approaches to new and existing account
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