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Marcus Sheridan
Husband, Father, Writer, Speaker, and One Seriously Enthusiastic Guy
President at The Sales Lion
From Virginia
I'm the founder of the popular blog, The Sales Lion, which is full of business, sales, marketing, and personal development conversation.

Before The Sales Lion, I built the most trafficked swimming pool website in the world though the principles of inbound and content marketing: River Pools and Spas.

Although I still own my swimming pool company, I now spend much of my timing delivering inspirational and educational presentations to small and large audiences and businesses on the power of social media and inbound/content marketing.

Other Info:

34 years old with wife and 4 awesome kids(11,8,4,1)). Have had 3 books published in paperback and currently own two business with 2 awesome biz partners. Lived in Chile for 2 years as a missionary....awesome!!

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