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Mark Tillison
MD at leading UK Digital Marketing Agency, Tillison Consulting.
Managing Director at Tillison Consulting Limited
Located in Waterlooville, England, United Kingdom
I love it here. I've made lots of friends and spoken at conferences on why Google+ is such an important strategy for business success.

Are You New to Google+?
I created some stuff you might find useful.

The Twitter Addict's Guide to Google+ explains the terminology and basics in a way that Twitter users will understand, drawing comparisons and differences between the two.

Google+ for Business is a complete guide which accompanies my talks which will take you through creating an effective profile, using simple techniques to build your brand and engage an audience, right through to using Communities.

Personal Stuff
Would happily survive on vindaloo, jalfrezi and garlic-chilli chicken were it not for my waistline.

Reasonable standard snooker and billiards player and more recently, runner (#RunFatBoyRun)

MD at UK Digital Marketing Agency, Tillison Consulting.

With an amazing team, we help clients generate more sales online using integrated strategies; Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media wrapped up in User Experience Consultancy to maximise the potential of every click.
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