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Peter Osborne
Chief Marketing Officer at Baylor Alumni Association
Located in South Philadelphia East, Philadelphia, PA, USA
I have led efforts to resuscitate the Baylor Alumni Association by demonstrating its value to members and prospects through outstanding publications, attractive member benefits, and delivery of legacy scholarships to the children and grandchildren of Baylor Alumni. I am re-engaging our member base, and will soon begin rebranding the organization as a scholarship foundation with an outstanding alumni magazine. As a consultant, I help small- and mid-sized businesses, professional-services firms, non-profits, and individuals differentiate themselves from competitors. I focus their messages on the problems they solve for customers or employers, with specific examples and stories. I believe in building your house on owned land, so I focus the BAA and consulting clients on their websites over social media (rented land) to amplify their messaging. For individual clients, I do the same with LinkedIn profiles and resumes that focus on challenges and results. But I'm also a former journalist and marketing executive who has driven strong bottom-line business results and innovations by asking the tough “what if” questions, bringing a fresh perspective to clients. During my career, I have: ►Consistently moved seamlessly between creativity and execution, building repeatable processes, clear messaging, and strong strategic direction. ►Connected Bank of America's Corporate Communications digital strategy to business outcomes, delivering helpful content to alleviate customer pain points. ►Made negotiations an organizational core competency, saving millions of dollars through deal structuring, framing, and coaching. ►Created bylined articles and speeches with big ideas and compelling images that resonate with audiences and can be reinforced across online and offline platforms. ►Worked closely with 100+ alumni associations to strengthen their programs in a changing market and reversed profitability declines for the bank's Collegiate Affinity sector.
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