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Roger Pincombe
Chronic Inventor
Chronic Inventor at Professional Hackathonner
Located in Atlanta, GA, USA
I am a software developer who focuses on rapid-prototyping. I constantly compete in and often win hackathons, have worked at companies as notable as Microsoft and Yahoo, took my startup through TechStars Boulder, and regularly build new projects for fun and profit. What can I build for you?

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I am a software developer, rapid-prototyper, and hackathonner. I don't just live in the future, I build the future.

I’ve been developing in .NET since (before) it was first released in 2001, plus I’m increasingly building on NodeJS and linux. I’m at home with backend development in ASP.NET and NodeJS as well as frontend development with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS/LESS. I have deep experience with web-scale data mining (including API’s of all major US social networks), Voice-over-IP (both from scratch and using platforms like Twilio/Tropo), and internet marketing (with an eCommerce background). I also have built projects involving wearable computing (mainly Google Glass), NFC and RFID (including low-level hardware), and a variety of other interesting technologies.

My creations have won plenty of awards (from companies such as Twilio, Microsoft, Yahoo, Vodafone, Stanford, TechStars), and I love competing in hackathons. I have worked at companies as notable as Microsoft and Yahoo, co-founded a startup which I took through TechStars Boulder, and continually take on interesting new projects for fun and profit. Sometimes I build ground-breaking inventions (like DialPrice or NotSoPrivate), sometimes I make fun little side projects (like Insultron or PardonTheDisruption). My development skills lean more towards creative rapid prototyping than proper software engineering. I’m happiest when you give me a problem to solve or point me to an intriguing new technology to explore, although I have enough experience working on teams and at large companies to handle a more top-down environment when necessary.

I enjoy travel and desire to work on projects that are flexible or remote and that encourage professional and personal travel. Currently I make a living from winning hackathons and doing freelance development. Do you have a development project you need help with? Do you have a startup idea for which you need a working prototype to show to investors? Are you thinking of running a hackathon and need advice? Do you have a technology platform that you’d like me to build atop and present onstage at hackathons? Or maybe you just want to discuss some cool new wearable gadget or data mining technique? I’d be happy to hear from you.
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