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Willow Brugh
Socially compulsive. Need to talk?
program director at Geeks Without Bounds
From Seattle, WA
I am an organic chat client, spanning a multitude of subcultures and putting like-minded (but differently disciplined) people in touch. Many of these connections are made at events I co-organize and facilitate like Random Hacks of Kindness, SpaceApps Challenge, Konbit Technologie (the first hackathon to ever take place IN Haiti), H4D2, and #EveryoneHacks. I am a co-founder and current board member of Jigsaw Renaissance, a learning and making community in Seattle; co-founder and past director of Space Federation, linking together hacker and maker spaces; and current director Geeks Without Bounds. GWOB is an accelerator for humanitarian projects, and deployed with the FEMA Innovation Team for Hurricane Sandy response. 2013 brings the new adventure of researching how decentralized groups scale at MIT’s Center for Civic Media. Find this robot just about anywhere as willowbl00.
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